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There is a necessity for an improvement or even a transformation of the existing search system and results.

A digital metamorphosis in other words.

We need to work more on how we find what we look for and what we do with the results.

But what are we really looking for?

We are looking for the best solution to our problem asap. Such examples are finding a job or a house or a car. What is it that makes the difference when searching?

Is it easy to find it, what is important and what is not (filtering), how much time do we need for that (time factor), where what we look for or us stand against the competition (benchmarking), is it correct, what needs to get improved.

In other words we appreciate and choose when looking for something ease of use, time, accuracy, comparison (benchmarking) and suggestions. These are the core elements of any effort aiming at achieving growth in business and life. Structured information, speed, interface, methods of improvement and flexibility are the core competitive advantages of any organization or individual in the new era.

We need to redefine our mission and create personalised products/services or results in our case. This will enable us to get closer to our clients’ needs, and be present where they want us, when they want us and in the way they want us.

AI (artificial intelligence) plays an important role in our project.

Our algorithmic model MatchMe is based on search, find, compare, evaluate and suggest. It is important to decision making and applies in all business sectors.

Early and efficient transformation of data into information is not just a matter of success. it is a matter of survival.

Let’s say for example that you are looking for a job. What are you really looking for ? You are really looking for :

  • Custom tailored results
  • Real-time information aggregation & filtering
  • Benchmarking & Improvement Suggestions
  • Statistics on the market trends


We are now developing our MVP using AI (artificial intelligence) and we are really looking forward to the filtering results of the first big set of data.

Team members : Efthimis Koklas, Trifon Papadopoulos

A big thank you to Orange Grove Patras & Orange Community Patras for having us and helping us with their networking and mentoring to move forward with our idea.


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