Join fields from 3 tables in a new table with INDEX and MATCH in Excel / Example 3

Πως να προσθέσετε πληροφορίες (νέες στήλες όπως ημερομηνία ή κωδικό πελάτη) σε ένα νέο πίνακα από τους πίνακες παραγγελιών Order table, Customer table και Saleperson table.

To join or merge tables that have a common id, you can use the INDEX and MATCH functions.

Download excel file “join_tables_with_index_and_match_mindstormGR_3.xlsx” . . .Explanation

Type the order_id and these formulas will pull

  • the date, customer_id and the amount from the order table,
  • the customer name (field : name) and the salesperson_id from the customer table,
  • the salesperson name (field : name) from the salesperson table

into the new table. The MATCH function is used to locate the right date, customer_id, amount, customer name, salesperson_id and the salesperson name and the INDEX function is used to retrieve the data.

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