VLOOKUP with 2 criteria (Sales Agent and Region) – Excel Formula for column I7 (Revenue) =VLOOKUP(H7;C7:D13;2;FALSE) Formula for column C7 (Helper) =A7&”|”&B7 Formula for column H7 (Helper) =F7&”|”&G7

Μετατροπή ποδιών σε μέτρα Feet Meter Formula for column Meter 20,00 6,10 =CONVERT(A5;”ft”;”m”) Μετατροπή βαθμών Φαρενάιτ σε Κελσίου Degree Fahrenheit Degree Celsius Formula for Degree Celsius 100,00 37,78 =CONVERT(D5;”F”;”C”) Μετατροπή ιπποδύναμης (HP) σε βατ (Watt) HP Watt Formula for column Watt 55,00 41013,49 =CONVERT(G5;”HP”;”W”)

Let’s assume that you have 2 excel files : product_data_excel.xlsx (99 rows x 5 columns, A2: E100) product_data_excel_2.xlsx (107 rows x 5 columns, A2:E108) The 5 columns of the two excel files are : product_id, product_description, quantity, regular_price and category.product_data_excel.xlsx You have changed quantity and price values for existing product_ids : “A0001” and “A0003” (column : “product_id”) and you have added 8 new products in excel file : product_data_excel_2.xlsx. product_data_excel_2.xlsx Now you want to compare product_data_excel.xlsx and product_data_excel_2.xlsx and create a new excel file  : product_data_excel_changed_and_new_records.xlsx and csv file : product_data_excel_changed_and_new_data.csv with the 2 existing products you have changed and the 8 new ones you have added. product_data_excel_changed_and_new_records.xlsx Download product_data_excel.xlsx, product_data_excel_2.xlsx, product_data_excel_changed_and_new_records.xlsx, product_data_excel_changed_and_new_records.csv Click comparing_data_values_between_2_excel_files to see the code (html format) . . .

Ενσωματώστε ένα πίνακα πωλήσεων (αρχείο excel) στην ιστοσελίδα σας (διαδραστική ενσωμάτωση) Επιλέξτε τις δικές σας τιμές σε Sales Person, Region, Sales Channel και Products Type και δείτε τα αποτελέσματα. Choose your values for Sales Person, Region and Products Type and see the results. See Full view of workbook / Προβολή βιβλίου εργασίας σε πλήρες μέγεθος and give it a try! Watch the video and see how it works . . . Download the video Interactive Sales Dashboard (format : *.mkv)

Let’s assume that you got three csv files from the sales department : “_sales_january_2021_d.csv” “_sales_feb_2021_d.csv”“_sales_mar_2021_d.csv” and you want : to join them in one new csv file : “sales_jan_feb_mar_2021_d.csv” to find actual sales sum per month, actual sales sum (quantity) per month and actual sales mean per month to save actual sales by person per month in csv file : “sales_by_person.csv”and in excel file : “sales_by_person.xlsx” to save “sales_by person.csv” as “sales_by_person_modified.csv” with different english headers to save “sales_by person.csv” as “sales_by_person_modified_gr.csv” with different greek headers to find actual sales sum, actual sales mean and actual sales total for salesperson : “Trifon Papadopoulos” to create a graph(bar) for Actual Sales total per Salesperson to create a graph(bar) for Actual Sales total per Month_ref to join “sales_jan_feb_mar_2021_d.csv” with “sales_january_2021_d_products_orders.csv” and save the output to excel file : “output1.xlsx” to improve styling of excel files : “sales_jan_feb_mar_2021_d.xlsx” and “output1.xlsx” Results of…

Πως να προσθέσετε πληροφορίες (νέες στήλες όπως ημερομηνία ή κωδικό πελάτη) σε ένα νέο πίνακα από τους πίνακες παραγγελιών Order table, Customer table και Saleperson table. To join or merge tables that have a common id, you can use the INDEX and MATCH functions. Download excel file “join_tables_with_index_and_match_mindstormGR_3.xlsx” . . .Explanation Type the order_id and these formulas will pull the date, customer_id and the amount from the order table, the customer name (field : name) and the salesperson_id from the customer table, the salesperson name (field : name) from the salesperson table into the new table. The MATCH function is used to locate the right date, customer_id, amount, customer name, salesperson_id and the salesperson name and the INDEX function is used to retrieve the data. FB Tags : #tables #data #excel_tips #softexperia #mindstormGR /

Ενσωματώστε ένα αρχείο excel στην ιστοσελίδα σας (διαδραστική ενσωμάτωση) Calculation of Budget Sales VS Actual Sales (%) / Υπολογισμός ποσοστού μεταξύ προϋπολογισθέντων και πραγματικών πωλήσεων (%) Δείτε το εργαλείο υπολογισμού . . . / Use the excel calculator  . . . Βάλτε τις δικές σας τιμές στις στήλες “Budget Sales” και “Actual Sales” και δείτε τον υπολογισμό του ποσοστού στη στήλη “Actual Sales VS Budget Sales”. Type your values in columns “Budget Sales” and “Actual Sales” and check calculated percentage in column “Actual Sales VS Budget Sales”. . FB Tags : #excel_tips #excel_calculations #softexperia 

Comparison of Budget and Actual Sales / Jan 21 – Jun 21 Results 1) Budget Sales VS Actual Sales – Graph (line) 2) Budget Sales sum 3) Actual Sales sum 4) Difference between Budget Sales sum and Actual Sales sum – Euro 5) Actual Sales sum is X % of Budget Sales sum 6) Creation of new data source file (format : csv) with 2 new columns 7) Budget Sales VS Actual Sales – Graph (bar) Photo 1 8) Budget Sales VS Actual Sales – Graph (line), selection of certain columns to plot and different graph dimensions (photo 1) 9) Budget Sales mean (photo 1) 10) Actual Sales mean (photo 1) Click the html file data_visualization_with_python_5 to view the project . . . Data source file : sample_data_sales.csv Columns in data source file : month, budget_sales, actual_sales New data source file : sample_data_sales_with_difference.csv New columns calculated and added with…

Τί ποσό (κεφάλαιο) K πρέπει να τοκίσουμε προς 8,15% για 80 ημέρες, ώστε να πάρουμε τόκο 262 ευρώ; Έτος εμπορικό : 360 ημέρες. Λύση Έχουμε χρονική διάρκεια t = 80 ημέρες, ετήσιο επιτόκιο i = 0,0815, τόκος I = 262 ευρώ και ζητείται το ποσό (κεφάλαιο) K. Οπότε 262 = (K * t * i) / 360 => K = (360 * 262) / (0,0815 * 80) => K = 14466,26 ευρώ Download excel file : calculation_of_capital_K.xlsx FB Tags : #excel_tips #mindstormGR #calculations #financial_calculations #softexperia

Excel file 1 : sales_january_2021_d.xlsx – Download : Excel file 2 : sales_feb_2021_d.xlsx – Download : Excel file 3 : sales_march_2021_d.xlsx – Download : Task Collection of data from the above mentioned three different excel files and creation of a new one : sales_jan_feb_mar_2021_d.xlsx – Download : with three different sheets : sales_data month_productivity salesperson_productivity We did a comparison between Budget and Actual Sales. The reason we did this is to know the month productivity and the salesperson productivity for months Jan, Feb and Mar 2021. All sheets, data, graphs and styling in file : sales_jan_feb_mar_2021_d.xlsx have been created automatically with python coding. Tools used : Excel, Python #programming #coding #python #productivity #data_analysis #mindstormGR / Code for this project from ctypes.wintypes import WORD import pandas as pd import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt importopenpyxl from openpyxl.styles import PatternFill, Border, Side, colors, Alignment, Protection,…

Formula for Cell D3 =IF(C3>B3;”Above budget”;”Below budget”) Email : Mobile : 6945 849400 #excel_tips #softexperia / fb : / Download excel file : sales_january_2021_a.xlsx Δείτε τον πίνακα του αρχείου excel  / View the table for excel file Download excel file : sales_january_2021_b.xlsx

Dataset : Data Science Job Salaries and Sales Number of Sheets : 3 1) data (dataset) – View large image : 2) dashboard (pivot table and graph) – View large image : 3) dashboard 2 (pivot table and graph) – View large image : Download excel file : #dashboard #excel #graphs #softexperia / Linkedin : Softexperia /

Wingdings Symbols on Excel – Χρήση συμβόλων στο Excel Formula for Column B (B4 & B5) B4=CHAR(40) B5=CHAR(49) FB Tags : #softexperia #excel_tips #symbols / fb : /

You wish to save some money for renovating your house in 5 years. You deposit 2,000 EUR to your saving account at an interest rate of 3% compounded quarterly. Furthermore, you are going to add 100 EUR at the beginning of each month. How much money will there be in your saving account in 5 years? Formula for Cell B11 (Future Value) =FV(B7/B5;B6*B5;B9;B8;B10) According to Excel FV calculator – around 4,300 EUR. FB Tags : #excel_tips #calculations #future_value #softexperia / fb : / Read also Data Analysis Αν θέλετε να κάνετε κάποια συλλογή/ανάλυση δεδομένων για να βελτιώσετε τις δραστηριότητες σας, μπορούμε να σας βοηθήσουμε. Μην διστάσετε να επικοινωνήσετε μαζί μας. Email : Mobile : 6945 849400 Follow us on Linkedin : Softexperia #softexperia #data_analysis #python #excel_tips #decision_making #dataanalysis #dataanalytics

Download video : Formulas you should know Download excel file : Formulas you should know SUMIF =SUMIF($A$5:$A$14;C5;$B$5:$B$14) SUM =SUM($C$5:$C$14) CONCATENATE =CONCATENATE(A7;”, “;B7;”, “;D7) VLOOKUP =VLOOKUP(G8;$A$4:$E$14;2;FALSE) UPPER =UPPER(A9) REPT (font MT Extra) ||| =REPT(“|”;D10/50) IF =IF((SUM($C$5:$C$14)>$E$11);”Pass”;”Fail”) AVERAGE =AVERAGE($D$5:$D$14) LEN =LEN(A13) COUNT =COUNT(D4:D14) #functions_excel #excel_tips #criteria #softexperia

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