Do you want a room with a view or a room with the right view? The Greek view. Sun, sea, land, light are all there. Proportional. Symmetrical. Once seen, never forgotten. — #santorini #greece #view #hellenicland #the_greek_view / fb : See also Gianiskari – Γιανισκάρι Photo credit (Gianiskari) : Τρύφωνας Παπαδόπουλος

Some days, to the world, I feel like the fake drawers on bathroom cabinets or the false pockets on a suit’s vest; a reasonable addition that looks like it belongs, but what possible purpose will I ever serve? …. I am filled with words but only those that care to read will ever understand what I am about – Tyler Knott Gregson #mindbookEU #mindstormGR / fb :

(2) Connection Create a connection between your product/service and the prospect. Discuss the benefits, not the features. Κάντε μια σύνδεση μεταξύ του προϊόντος/υπηρεσίας και της προοπτικής του. Συζητήστε τα οφέλη, όχι τα χαρακτηριστικά. #softexperia #marketing /

Why set SMART goals Goals give you direction. It allows you to stay mentally and physically focused on the road to where you want to go. Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound Οι στόχοι βοηθούν στην επίτευξη του σκοπού όταν είναι συγκεκριμένοι, μετρήσιμοι, εφικτοί, σχετικοί και ορισμένοι μέσα στο χρόνο. #smart_goals #softexperia / fb:

Excel Task Create a vertical calendar for 2024 till 2028. Show all the dates for the year selected from a drop-down list. Set the background color for weekdays Saturday and Sunday to blue. Set the background color for non-working days to red. Create a button to clear all filters.

List of files in Excel and preview of images – VBA Code – Excel 1) Is it possible to have a list of the images found in a folder and its subfolders in Excel? 2) Is it possible to see the images as I move from one row to another? 3) Is it possible to see the actual image, its name and other info as I scroll down? 4) Is it possible to rename images in source folder according to a rule such as Last Subfolder & ID & FileName, and then copy all renamed images to another folder (target folder)? 5) Is it possible to have all images as they were in the source folder? Yes, it is. Check this video on YouTube and watch it happening. VBA Code credit : Trifon Papadopoulos #mindstormGR #list_of_images_in_excel Δείτε επίσης Import of multiple posts to WordPress with the use of Excel, Word…

How to quickly hide unused cells, rows and columns in Excel – Scroll area with VBA A1:E50 The Sub below is assigned with macro to button Limit Scroll to existing rows and columns for ‘Sheet1’ Watch video on YouTube Sub UnhideAndUnscrollSheet() ‘Button <<Limit Scroll to existing rows and columns for ‘Sheet1’>> Dim ws As Worksheet Dim lastRow As Long Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(“Sheet1”) ‘ Unhide all rows and columns ws.Rows.Hidden = False ws.Columns.Hidden = False ‘ Set cell B1 to bold ws.Range(“B1”).Font.Bold = True ‘ Set headers in row 3 to bold ws.Rows(3).Font.Bold = True ‘ Set all columns to font size 13 ws.Cells.Font.Size = 13 ‘ Set cell B1 to font size 16 ws.Range(“B1”).Font.Size = 16 ‘ Set all rows and columns to a reasonable height and width ws.Rows.RowHeight = 15 ‘ You can adjust this value as needed ws.Columns.ColumnWidth = 20 ‘ You can adjust this value as…

How to calculate discount, sale price and profit margin after discount? 1) Find the original price (for example 90€) 2) Get the discount percentage (for example 20%) 3) Calculate the savings: 20% of 90€ = 18€. 4) Subtract the savings from the original price to get the sale price: 90€ – 18€ = 72€. 5) Subtract Buy Price from the Sale Price and divide it by Sale Price to get the Profit margin after discount: (72€ – 50€)/72€=30,56% You’re all set! #softexperia #mindstormGR #excel_skills

Debt’s vicious cycle / Ο φαύλος κύκλος του χρέους Need cash -> Take loan -> Pay interest -> Reduced cashflow -> Need cash -> Increase loan -> Pay interest Let’s suppose that you need cash 100€, succeed in taking a loan 100€ and pay an interest of 2,5 % periodically. Let’s see where you stand now : Need cash 100€ -> Take loan 100€ -> Pay interest 100 – (100 × 2,5%) = 2,5€ -> Reduced cashflow 100 – 2,5 = 97,5€ -> Need cash again 100€ -> Increase loan 100 + 2,5 = 102,5€ -> Pay interest 102,5 × 2,5% = 2,56€ (rounded) -> Reduced cashflow 102,5 – (102,5 × 2,5%) = 99,94€ That is why financial organizations ask periodically for your turnover, profit margin and cashflow + guarantee. They want to know if everything works fine for them in any given period. If not, they have to tighten…

1. Χρόνος (fast) 2. Ποιότητα (good) 3. Τιμή (cheap) Μπορείτε να διαλέξετε 2 από τα 3 χαρακτηριστικά. Ποια θα διαλέγατε; #επιλογή #προϊόντα #υπηρεσίες #mindstormGR #softexperia

People will remember / Οι άνθρωποι θυμούνται How you made them feel / Πως τους έκανες να αισθανθούν The time you spent with them / Το χρόνο που τους αφιέρωσες If you kept your word / Αν κράτησες το λόγο σου If they could count on you / Αν μπορούν να βασιστούν πάνω σου #mindstormGR

EXAMPLE OF PIVOT TABLE 1. Select any cell in the data dump > Select Insert > Select Table Then, create a PivotTable from that table: 2. In the Insert tab, select Recommended PivotTables Choose from one of Excel’s Recommended PivotTables. In this example, we have chosen to summarize Sum of Sales (in thousands) by Region, Month and Product. If you change your data dump, choose Analyze and then Refresh All, to refresh data in pivot table. #softexperia #excel_tips_softexperia #pivot_tables_softexperia

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